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Welcome to Little Screen Big Screen

Little Screen Big Screen is a boutique Production Company that looks at producing films and creating projects that are innovative or interactive on multiple platforms. The company delivers projects in Sydney, New York, and Canada.

Little Screen Big Screen creates Short films, Feature films, Books, Online web series, Corporate projects, Songs and anything related to delivering creative entertainment to a global audience.

The CEO, Angelique Papadelias has just begun her US / Europe launch for her book titled 'Arjun Rising'. She is currently completing her 2nd book to be launched in later this year. 

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Recent Media

Angelique Papadelias won "Best First Time Director" for 'Bloody Henry' at the Canada International Film Festival in 2013.

Foreign Eye in the Storm (Feature Film Documentary) was officially selected to screen at the New York City Independent Film Festival, New Jersey Film Festival, the Harlem International Film Festival and the Red Hook International Film Festival. Well done to all involved.
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