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Little Screen Big Screen produces content on multiple platforms.

We understand the pressures of Start-up businesses and the need for established companies to compete with other innovative content online in order to keep their clients engaged with their product / service.

We love to create. We want to create with you and tell stories on the platform that you desire.


Recent Media

‘Our Island Lipsi’ documentary now available (March 29 2017) in French: Notre île Lipsi (Our Island Lipsi) La meilleure escapade en Grèce

Producer/Director Angelique Papadelias has just released her latest Documentary ‘Our island Lipsi’. A showcase of a very unique Greek island.

Foreign Eye in the Storm (Feature Film Documentary) now on Amazon Prime

Director Angelique Papadelias has released her latest book ‘Faith in our Freedom’ and is available on Amazon, Kobo, Lulu and ibooks in English, French and Spanish.

A win – “Best First Time Director” for ‘Bloody Henry’ at the Canada International Film Festival.

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