About Us

Little Screen Big Screen prides itself on being ‘Resourceful, Inventive and Innovative’. It incorporates all visual and written aspects of online content that relates to film, magazines, corporate projects, book publishing, documentaries and commercials. The growth of technology and the internet has shifted viewers and readers to engaging audiences with story telling ideas and the notion that is fusing the traditional concept of film with a brand and company story in order to entertain, engage and entice audiences globally.

Little Screen Big Screen takes on Local, National, and International productions.

The Managing Director, Angelique Papadelias is passionate about producing content, both traditionally and in a modern context by keeping up to date with the latest industry developments, and bringing her creative endeavours to life. Her extensive experience in Creative Writing and Strategic Development and Analysis allows her to research and develop concepts for many brands, companies or influential people.

Angelique’s vision is simple: “I am working towards establishing a Foundation for Orphaned Children Globally that accounts for each orphaned child and monitors the help that these children actually need to grow and have the opportunities they desire to be successful in life. I wish to provide funds personally and strategically manage medical aid, educational opportunities and any special needs these children require to have equal opportunities. When you support a project behind Little Screen Big Screen, you are supporting my mission to help give these kids the kickstart they need to achieve”.

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