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Juliana’s Story (2012) is a short film that is about a famous international violinist that gets struck down by a mysterious fatal illness. She cannot handle the news and takes off to hide in her cabin in the woods, her childhood sanctuary. Devastated by her ordeal and escaping the media, she attempts to play her violin again, realising that her moments of ever playing again are soon to end. The audience experiences her wonderful music which is heard by the local guy, Adrian, who happens to be her childhood sweetheart, who can hear the beautiful music echoing through the woods. As he reflects on the sound of the music, he is reminded of his own life and as you experience the turmoil between both of them. Juliana’s mother tries to call her daughter to talk with her, however with bad reception, she can’t get through so she turns to Adrian to go to her. He flees to her but as he runs, he realises that his last vision of his childhood sweetheart will remain with him the rest of his life.

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The amazing ambitious and talented Crew behind the film were:

Angelique Papadelias – Producer / Director / Co writer
Suzy Gordon Patridanon – Co Writer / Creative Director
Will larsen / Louise Woodward – Composers
Chris McHardy – Director of Photography
Narbeh Hovsepian/Kenny Ang – Editor
Sam GainEmery – Sound & Luca Jonathan Mistretta
Jon Cohen – Gaffer

The Cast includes:
Louise Woodward playing Juliana Franco
Rory Pie playing The Man – Adrian
Sontaan Hopson playing The Wife/ Doctor


Cast Biographies

Louise Woodward



Born in Melbourne, Louise completed her Bachelor of Music majoring in Performance and Ethnomusicology.

Louise Woodward

Louise Woodward

After touring throughout Northern Italy and Spain as an orchestral violist, Louise commenced her honors degree in composition. During this time, her interest in improvisation led her to varied performance opportunities with many leading ensembles, artists and bands. Performing regularly for television, productions and session work, Louise is also violist for Philharmonic Beats String Quartet. Having performed at both international and national festivals, her continued passion toward performance outside the classical arena has also influenced her many compositions for short film, chamber works, and advertising.

Louise has also worked within the management of Orchestra Victoria, and was regularly contracted as Assistant Orchestra Manager for the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra. In 2007, Louise toured the UK as principal violist for Nitin Sawhney’s co-production Mahabharata, after which she lived in Vancouver Canada for 12 months. Louise now resides in her hometown Melbourne, where she continues to work within Arts management and freelances as a violist.

To follow Louise and see some of her work, you can listen to her music at www.myspace.com/louisewoodward. You can also listen to her music partnered up with Jase B as the team Massa Cygnet.

Louise plays an exceptional Juliana in the film, bringing her natural musical talents to the screen in original compositions and the raw emotion that bleeds through her performance. She is a gifted individual that brings a magnetic soulful performance to the screen.

Rory Pie

Rory Pie

Rory Pie

Rory has studied a Bachelor of fine Arts. His most recent work was his role as Harvey in Halfway Crooks, and as Ian in L’escape. He has experience in both features and shorts and he has a vast history of work in TV, with shows like all saints, and Legend of the Seeker. His Stage and Musical presence shows his diverse abilities ranging from white rabbit and Mr. Comp in Alice and Alan’s Adventure in Wonderland to Eddie in the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Rory’s role as Adrian in Juliana’s Story is a humble yet emotional, intense portrayal of a man who has suffered a tragic blow in life. Not only has he lost his wife recently in a car accident, however he now hears his childhood sweetheart playing her last song and as he tries to cope with the loss of a loved one, he tries to save his first love. Will he be able to save her in time? His performance is intense and his preparation for the emotional reactions showed evidence of his professional ability to deliver.

Sontaan Hopson

Sontaan Hopson

Sontaan Hopson

Sontaan Hopson comes from roles such as Lucia and Calpurnia in Shakespeare’s J Caesar, Mary O’Connor, Evelyn Jones, Leigh Taylor in a Girl with a Dragon Tale, Hayley in Come together, Fall Apart, Jillaroo Sue in Outback Aussie, Candy in Black Kat Kabarat, Michelle Mermaid in an Ocean Adventure, Ensemble n South Pacific ad award winning roles in Pride and Prejudice in 10 min flat (NIDA).

Sontaan plays two roles in Juliana’s Story, the wife of the Man and Juliana’s doctor. Her diverse experience allows her to play both roles easily and she brings a natural positive energy to the screen.

Juliana’s story was filmed in Berambing (Blue Mountains) NSW, Australia. It is an amazing location that is open for bookings throughout the year by booking online at the Wollemi Wilderness cabins. They are mostly located at 88 Bulgamatta road and I highly recommend the experience.

It was important to the production that the location was unique, remote and visually stimulating. It had a dedicated crew and cast behind it with Little Screen Big Screen being the production house. 
Here is the map of the Filming Location.

For more information on the film, visit www.julianasstory.com.


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